Winter salad in the unexpected sunshine.

Kale with egg, real bacon, avocado and a beetroot dressing

How strange. But fantastic. Where’s the scummy white liquid that comes out of supermarket bacon? It seems to be missing from this proper bacon from the local butchers. Which is why the bacon is more expensive, but better value, as it shrinks less, and is much better to eat.

Proper bacon, with no added water

Perhaps the new EU regulations that proposes that bacon with more than 5% water added should be labelled ‘bacon wither added water’ might change things. Water is added for one reason: to make more money. It’s like an extra tax on the bacon eater, that goes to the industrial manufacturer’s pocket. Adding the water also means that the bacon now has to be frozen to be sliced. Rapid curing and injections of brine mean that a supermarket rasher could be 50% water.

Proper bacon is a long process, around 5 days dry salt cure and then another 10 days maturing. The quick fix method cuts the maturing time to half that. Not dissimilar the the horrible things that were done to bread with the Chorleywood Process. And continue to be done with pretend bread.

Anyway, minor rant over. Recipes notes in the notebook to follow below. Note the sudden appearance of the neighbours cat when he smelled the bacon in one of the pics.


Er, it's all about the colours.


Gratuitous egg pic.


The neighbour's cat appears after a whiff of bacon.


Kale, Bacon & Egg sald with beetroot dressing - notes


Winter salad in the sun.



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