Black pudding with hummus, pinenuts and dried fruit

Black pudding.

Like coriander, black pudding is one of those ingredients that divides people into two camps. And I, (Linda) am in the camp with the people with the bargepoles. Whilst Tim is in the camp with the frying pans at the ready.

I remember a version of this recipe that Tim used to do as a tapas with minced lamb, based on a Moro recipe, which I loved.

I also remember Tim doing this for friends in the deli with crumbled black pudding, and seeing some people tuck in happily thinking it was mushrooms. At least this way people know it’s black pudding. The rest of the dish I love. I love the mixture of toasted pine nuts with hummus, and the odd burst of sweetness from the dried fruits.

Tim likes to make his own hummus, but he says that’s for another day. This black pudding came from a butcher in Totnes, with big white pieces, and not overly spiced with cinnamon and cloves etc.


Black pudding and hummus notes


Black pudding & hummus


Which goes well with Leffe.Ah, Leffe.


Do the Butter Walk. Totnes.


Black Pudding & Hummus going down well.


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