Easter lamb.In search of family history, we find a fantastic local butcher.

We’re still not back in town, as we’ve things to do in Buckinghamshire. So today we had a wander further out past Amersham. We went in search of family history, in the Churchyard at Princes Risborough. I’ve generations of family from here, but I don’t remember ever visiting here.  It was quite an odd feeling to find the gravestones of a great grandfather, and other long gone relatives.

Then we went on to a fabulous smart looking, family run local butcher, in the High Street. They source their local lamb from Thame, and Pork from Princes Risborough, so we bought both, and some local eggs.

For this dish, Tim decided to caramelise some lemons. of course lemon and lamb are a classic combination in Kleftiko, which apparently means stolen lamb. caramelising the lemons gives a result that is much smoother and sweeter. the caramelised onion went into yoghurt to make a dressing for some charlotte potatoes. Tim roasted pepper and onions with thyme, for a side vegetable.

The lamb was tender and flavourful, really good. We’ll be back again.


Princes Risborough butchers. A family run business.


Caramelising lemons.


Having a butchers.

Easter Lamb


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