Totnes, twinned with Narnia

Totnes twinned with Narnia

This sign, ‘Totnes twinned with Narnia’,  first appeared in 2006. I don’t know whether every so often the council change it back to the French town it’s meant to be twinned with. But apparently this version of the sign reappeared March this year – I know we saw it then.

Totnes is a fascinating place – it seems to welcome all forms of belief, encompassing traditional and alternative churches to the most whacky pseudo sciences – and loads of holistic stuff in between. No one would bat an eyelid at courses on consulting your angels, discovering your planetary soul group or healing through unicorns. Well, some might.

And it seems the range of food is just as all encompassing. The Totnes Food Market is held regularly – it was such a busy, buzzy market I assumed it must be a bit of a special occasion, but it’s on every month.

Save water, drink wine.

The tapas man.

On our latest visit we bought beautiful skinny, multi-coloured carrots, the muddiest maris pipers, English saucisson sec, all manner of smoked meats, a pheasant, veal and vension. We took home a fabulous coffee flavoured vegan cake made with sweet potato, potted mackerel pate, and two types of specialist bacons – one without added nitrites – but more on that later.

There were several street food stalls – tapas with seafood, Thai dishes, a guy selling from a vat of some kind of French casserole, and endless slightly hippy forms of food. Plus the occasional waft of skunk – coming from customers – not a stall.

Thai stall

Thai stall

Garlic, and street food.

The egg man.

I am the eggman.

A fish stall.

A meat stall

A cake stall

There were sugar-free cordials, Himalayan and Cornish salts, local cheeses, habanero peppers, handmade chocolate truffles and puffy meringues. We bought elderberry wine (14%) and Kiwi and chocolate wine – sadly there’s no corkscrew in the house so we haven’t opened those yet.

We were going to try some rabbit, but we made the mistake of leaving it until we’d looked around, and when we went back the chap had sold out. Seems people have been listening to Clarissa!

It’s well worth a visit.

The last cake

The last cake. They did well.


5 thoughts on “Totnes, twinned with Narnia

  1. Nice photos and descriptions… I want some rabbit too! The last one I ate was one that ran out in front of my car and got his head stuck beneath my tire, the poor thing. I skinned him, tanned his hide and roasted him for me and the kids. Delicious! Haven’t had one in a few years, they are hard to hunt around here, the squirrels are easier and delicious too! Nice work!

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