What do you get when you cross The Lop Eared Pig with Temperance? You get Duende.

I left the farm a while ago, and meantime I’ve been cheffing more sell out dates at Temperance, whilst looking for a new places to pop up.

The first dates I have are back in the Temperance Hall. But I’m coming back in another form, as duende.

Foodwise, think ‘Love child of Lop Eared Pig and Temperance’. Ten to twelve tapas dishes will come in a relaxed procession, so you can enjoy your company. Dishes will draw on on mediterranean influences, as the other events. Veggies and gluten frees well catered for, there will be both hot and cold dishes, and a pudding.

It will be the ever popular BYO, so a great deal at £27 per head. And like The Lop Eared Pig and Temperance, it’s cash only.

Meantime, The Lop Eared Pig will be at BuryFields on June 21st.


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