About the Table of Zekki

Tim Zekki is a chef and foodie. Tim has spent many years as a chef in Italian restaurants, and later specialising in tapas and mediterranean food, with a particular interest in the food of his homeland, Cyprus.

In December 2007 Tim set up a deli in South West London. Within seven months customers had voted Tim onto the shortlist of Gary Rhodes’ Local Food Hero 2008 on TV. Tim was one of the 5 London finalists.

In 2010 Tim opened a second deli in Twickenham’s picturesque Church Street. At the end of 2011 Tim sold both deli businesses in order to concentrate on what he loves best – cooking.

In 2013 Tim opened a pop up restaurant, The Lop Eared Pig in an old tractor barn in a farm in Buckinghamshire, and guest cheffed at the successful pop up, Temperance in the old town of Chesham. He’s now popping up in several locations in the area with his new pop up restaurant,  Duende, and outside catering for parties and events.

For more info on Duende pop up restaurant events, go to Duende


Recipes &  food: Tim Zekki

Words: Linda Cash

iphone pics: Linda Cash

Proper pictures: Dave Cooper

Crazy ideas: Tim. Probably

Mistakes: We all make mistakes

Regrets: None

All rights reserved. We reserve the right to have fun, laugh, eat good food and be happy.

Gary Rhodes Local Food Hero 2008

Gary Rhodes Local Food Hero 2008


4 thoughts on “About the Table of Zekki

  1. thanks for the golimbadez recipe ahbabim 🙂 this is ugur from ayorgi your home town and i would like to congratulate you for your achivements…take care.. p.s. i thought you gonna be a montesa bike racer.. :))

  2. Blimey… a blog worth reading. Thank you for your nettle sauce – served it with a trout I caught on Monday. Even prepared by a culinary idiot such as I, it was delicious. Three cheers for the British Lop also – wife’s family used to keep them – your blog, like the Lop, is a rarity.

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