Duende pop up restaurant

Duende is a pop up restaurant that appears around the Chilterns and beyond, led by Chef Tim Zekki. Tim was well known for his original secret suppers in his delis in Twickenham and Isleworth, where he was a London Finalist in UKTV’s Gary Rhodes’ Local Food Heroes.

Why we’re called Duende

Duende is said to be the hardest Spanish word to translate to English. It’s meaning is akin to spirit, passion, inspiration – a spontaneous feeling arising in creativity. Its particularly relevant to the arts that disappear, that are born and die perpetually, like the performance of a dance or a song.

The duende never repeats itself, any more than the waves of the sea do in a storm”

 – Lorca, poet

Duende restaurant has roving the Chilterns since 2014, and has so far visited Chesham, Ashley Green, Hyde Heath, Ballinger, Tring, Harpenden, Little Missenden, Hazlemere, Berkhamsted & Bray, with tapas events and 3 course set menus. Duende has even had an event in Kyrenia, Cyprus.

Duende offers exciting dining experiences around the Chilterns and further afield, with future restaurant events planned in London and the South West. Tim is also happy to cater private events for groups.